Amazing Lung and Chest Transformation ‘Kitty’ via Skype

Amazing Lung & Chest Transformation
via Skype patient Kitty 14mo

Last week I did a Kinesiology session via Skype on my Best Friend’s baby who has been sick for over a week with conjunctivitis, terrible cough, very chesty runny nose trips to the hospital a very unwell baby. Did we get some amazing insights, YES and some amazing overnight results YES!

This is a little insight into what came up in our session and how it works via Skype (with permission of course) – Kitty – 14months

Mum calls me over Skype so I can see baby Kitty online. Ask for permission to muscle test on bub first. Lemon oil is the first thing to come up via muscle testing for confusion, digestive system, uncertain of self and physical bruising, this made sense since she just recently had a round of 3 vaccinations! We went to WORK on her LUNG energy with trapped emotions of feeling ‘panicky’ & ‘punishing others’ Kitty also wants to be home with mum wasn’t feeling ready to go to daycare.

We worked on ‘It’s safe to feel all my feelings, I take control of myself, My soul is in control of itself’.. LUNG energy is also about feeling intolerant!

Then we went to work on holding acupressure points LUNG 5 for chesty stuff, heat in lung, rebellious chi etc.. Held points LU5 on myself to clear blocked energy. Then my intuition guided to me that bub had psychological reversal in play an didn’t want to be well, SO we reversed that by putting in circuit ‘I want to be well.’

Next we worked on clearing some Triple Warmer energy stress also. I held TW 5 for adrenal stress and fight and flight. Also added to balance ‘I connect well with others’. Once points felt clear, we tested back over the goals all clear now. Psychological reversal also now clear! This is shown by a clear strong muscle test with both eyes open and closed.

To end session I cleared an emotion being suppressed. A good kinesiologist will always test up any hidden or suppressed modes before ending the session! Then we went on to hold brain points for integration. Lastly we tested up some home drops Kitty needs to take and also the LEMON oil is needed for next 5 nights to help after our session. Session tested up integration time 3 days.

I received a lovely wee photo of a much HAPPIER Kitty the following morning, Mum says ‘she looking better today, little sniffle but a lot better’. She looked SO much clearer then the day before!! Also I could see in the photo her spirit had lifted and she was feeling much more like her usual self. Monday came round and Kitty was able to go to a full week of daycare whilst Mum had her first week back at work! What a relief for Mum.

Working online via Skype is truly amazing and super easy. The session is conducted in the same way as in person kinesiology session, except I do all the muscle testing on myself and rub points and take the essences for you. The most beneficial thing is Mum and baby get to stay in the comfort of their own home.

So if you have a sick baby or toddler or know anyone with a child who is just not getting better or has a weak immune system and Mum doesn’t want baby to go outside then why not read more about my sessions here. To book a kinesiology session via Skype or find out more please shoot me an email telling me a little bit about what you or your child are currently experiencing

See you soon!

Erin x



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