Darwin Kinesiology Clinic at Northside Health NT

Darwin Kinesiology Clinic
Northside Health NT

I’m home from the amazing Darwin and my 1st trip seeing kinesiology clients. I’m feeling super RECHARGED and buzzing with creativity and inspiration.

I managed to see 14 new clients at Northside Health. I booked out quite quickly and squeezed in 2 more before I flew home. There was such an ease and peace to my days and to be honest it was like I’ve always worked there! Wonderful new clients all very creative and open. I’ve just booked my next trip for the 14th July!!! DARWIN IS CHANGING ME! It’s just brimming with ALIVE energies…..

I’ve come home with some exciting new information for changing Brain Chemistry. This information is for anyone suffering with anxiety, depression and ADHD. For all my existing clients you will want to book your next appointment as I have so much to tell you about changing the BRAIN CHEMICAL PATHWAYS!

I was also SUPER lucky to have my own appointment with DR Dani Stewart Functional Medicine GP as she has a 6 month wait list. I feel we will be doing a lot of work together, changing our patients lives. In turn changing each others also!! I’m so happy to be in alignment with my heart desires. Working alongside a holistic GP has been a dream of mine as has working and possibily living in the NT:)

2018 is most certainly the year to TAKE ACTION, ask for YOUR WORTH and implement more of your HEARTS desires. If your needing inspiration and motivation to make some positive change in your life then a session with me may be just what you need.

If you can’t make it too my Melbourne clinic, I also have SKYPE appointments.

Take CHARGE of your health, energy and well-being.

So if you find your self experiencing pain or feelings of anxiety or deep sadness from the past then maybe it’s time to shift from feeling heavy and burdened into feeling light and free. I’d love to support you into feeling more positive, calm and free.

Have you booked your next Kinesiology session? To book a session in person or via Skype please jump on my booking enquiry page and tell me a little bit about what you or your child are currently experiencing.

I’d love to support you!

Erin x



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