Grief and the Myriad of Ways it Touches our lives

Grief and the Myriad of ways
it touches our lives

Today I’ve woken up thinking a lot about grief and how it can touch us in a myriad of ways! Grief doesn’t always have to mean losing someone, sometimes that person can still be in your life even (if living miles away) but you can find yourself grieving their presence or the love you never received.

What I mean by that is you constantly carry around a hole in your heart for things you feel you have lost! Like the love you wanted from your father, mother or own child, but you never got the love you feel you deserved. Or their LOVE language was very different to yours.

An example of a vast difference in love languages is yours could of been quality time and the parent’s was gifts. The parent keeps buying you gifts and your grateful but all your really CRAVING is a deeper connection and some quality time!! Quality time can mean for that child just active listening to them or sitting close to them whilst they read or draw 🙂

You don’t need to lose a parent or loved one to feel a deep grief or loss in your life. Very often it can feel like a pain in your chest or a deep burden you have carried around for years!! When it comes up you can feel this sadness or pain quite intensely… (this is where addictions come in, wanting to stop feeling the pain, avoidance.)

The best you can do in times of immense inner struggle, grief and pain is to sit with the feelings and breathe. Let yourself drop into the feelings, the quicker you allow yourself to feel the feelings the quicker they dissipate in intensity!

All you can really do in my experience is get better at recognizing when your grief is being activated. This is when you need to have good self care in place like: booking in to see your therapist, kinesiologist, TCM practitioner or Doctor and go and talk or energetically clear the heavy emotions so they don’t become more of a burden on you.

Oils that are extremely beneficial in helping to support and shift your pain & grief into more resilience are:

Spikenard is both calming and grounding, and aids resilience. It will help ease deep grief and sadness, and is a powerful sleep aid. Great for helping shift old unresolved emotional pain to the surface.

is a very soothing oil in times of grief. It is especially helpful to aid you in moving through the emotional stress, anxiety, and depression of deep loss.

Rose is for feeling loved not seperate and speaks to the heart. Especially helpful for depression associated with grief and loss.

So if you find your self experiencing pain or feelings of deep sadness and grief then maybe it’s time to shift from feeling heavy and burdened into feeling light and free. I’d love to support you into feeling more resilience.

Have you booked your next Kinesiology session? To book a session in person or via Skype please jump on my booking enquiry page next to this post and tell me a little bit about what you or your child are currently experiencing.

See you soon!

Erin x



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