How does a Kinesiology session work Online?

How kinesiology works
via Online?

It feels very similar to an in person session, except I am muscle testing on your behalf. Intention is everything, and I make a clear and strong intention to be a channel guide to work and clear stress in your body mind systems.

I get the same insights as I do in person.  We discuss your issues/goals in length first, then I muscle test and ask questions throughout the session. The information gathered through the muscle testing, is feed back to you about what is holding you back.

Muscle testing, will guide me to read through books for psychological understanding. I’m always asking what is needed next to clear this emotion, or stress from the body. If a flower essence tests up, I read you the relevant information and then take the drops on your behalf.

To help restore balance back to the body and mind, we may hold acupressure points together. I may look up an oracle card, aromatic oil or crystal for more awareness. 

At the end of your session we go back over your goals and clear any last blocks that are being suppressed. I often test up vitamins, tissue salts or minerals that may support your energy.

You will receive typed notes on what we worked on + any photos of cards shared.

Check out what one client said about her session with me:

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the consult by Skype which we had months ago now – it made such a huge difference to me and I have not looked back, not even once.  My centre has been steady and stable and I think the one most important thing, if there is one thing, was realising that misery is a choice.  I used that as a bit of a mantra for a while, scrawled it on the mirror and journaled about it.  You really are a bit of a magician, and I am so very impressed, as well as grateful for your help, when I was really floundering.” Helen – Caribbean

I’d love to be your guide!

See you soon!

Erin x



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