Meditation relaxes the body and quickly relaxes the mind. It’s ideal for helping to manage anxiety and stress. With practice children will become more focused and calm, and as a result will have better control over processing pain and emotions.

According to a study in the journal ‘Frontiers in Human Neuroscience’, Meditation is proven to be good for your emotional well-being.

A heartfelt testimonal – ‘Jess Mum’ her son has done Two Terms of Kids Meditation classes with me at Brunswick East Primary.            “Erin’s meditation classes have been magical for our son, who is on the autism spectrum, and struggles with anxiety. Since he began with Erin, he has been happier in himself and at only 5 and a half, has integrated the practice into his life, often meditating spontaneously when he feels his anxiety piquing. He loves his weekly meditation class and informs us that he wants to continue doing meditation for 100 terms! We’re thrilled to have such a wonderful resource, in Erin, available to us.” Jess & Sebby.

Kids Meditation Feedback after running a Relaxation Script for Managing Worries at Brunswick East Primary Term 2 – 2014.  ‘That was relaxing, I felt like i had been too sleep all night and when i started i had a headache, but now its gone!” Child 7yrs  “I loved that meditation, i felt my body on the sand it felt very heavy and i didn’t want to wake up!”  Child 8yrs  “When you said to use a colour i filled my body up with pink. It made me feel happy”.  Child 9yrs  “I want to do meditation for 100 years!”  Child 6yrs.

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