My story

I spent a large part of my 20’s feeling lost and abandoned. This left me feeling trapped in a self created cycle of fear and isolation. I had lost all connection to myself and more importantly my own heart.

This all began to change when I moved to Melbourne and met a friend who was very similar to me. We both experienced fear and isolation and had very similar relationships and experiences with our mothers. Through this friendship, I learnt a lot about myself and how to establish boundaries within relationships. Having someone I could reflect with and speak to led me to realise that I could be my own healer! I then discovered kinesiology – which would change my life!

“Kinesiology has given me the gift of self-awareness and acceptance”

I didn’t know anything about Kinesiology when I first booked in over 20 years ago, but I made the decision to go anyway. I met a wonderful kinesiologist who helped me work on building my self worth, self esteem and confidence. After a few sessions I began to make confident decisions for myself and strengthened my ability to trust and back myself which has been profoundly life changing!

I’ve since discovered more about myself, my OCD and intuitive healing capabilities. I now have the wisdom and a deep understanding of who I am and what I need to protect and restore my energy. Kinesiology has given me the gift of self-awareness and peace.

“I’d love to help you discover your untapped potential”

I live in my own home in YEA and have built a deeply transforming healing space. I love helping people as a healer and health practitioner! I’m also a Mother to a fun-loving 17 year old daughter and two cats Nina and Toby. Through my own transformations, life experiences and skills as a kinesiologist and intuitive empath I’m honoured to to have helped hundreds of clients, within thousands of sessions achieve a greater level of peace and acceptance.

My three crystal logo is a representation of the energetic work I do. The power of the earth, energy medicine and untapped potential. The crystals communicate as sense of ‘the fragments of self’ coming together, the interconnected nature of health and healing.

I’d love to help you discover your untapped potential!

Erin x

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