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I absolutely love working with kids. Many of the children I work with remind me of when I was little. I used to feel highly sensitive, anxious and overwhelmed and not know what to do when I felt the anxieties of those around me. Because of this experience, I understand how important it is for children to feel connected, loved and acknowledged.

I can now bring my skills and wisdom into their sessions to help them feel confident, happy and free again – the way childhood should be! I have a real passion for children’s wellbeing and uncovering patterns of imbalance and stress.  Children can be very sensitive to the emotions of those around them. Our sessions together help to release these emotions and establish healthy boundaries and confidence.

kids who are…

How does kinesiology
work with kids?

Using muscle testing I can determine the stresses in your child’s life.  Imagine being able to ask your child what it is that is really upsetting them about being at school, or why they have a sore tummy all the time. Using muscle testing I will be able to pinpoint exact times of stress and release emotions and confusion from your child’s system, enabling your child to express their abundant energy and happy self.

Is Kinesiology safe for my child?

Yes.  Kinesiology is very safe and gentle for children of all ages. I work with young children and school aged children up to 16 years old.  I can help release the blocks that are inhibiting your child’s natural ability to be well and happy.

What’s the next step for us?

Get in touch. We’ll organise the best time for your child’s appointment and get them feeling well again.

Kids Kinesiology

Mother of Anderson

“Erin, I have had the most amazing day and you have increased that energy ten fold.  Anderson was literally glowing as we drove back to school.  He couldn’t believe how much you knew and how you “fixed him” in his own words.  It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about how comfortable he felt with you.  As I mentioned he never opens up with practitioners but you made him feel at ease within minutes.  You taught us so much about his body in such a short space of time compared with hours and hours at doctors. THANK YOU!!!  We are looking forward to seeing you again in a month’s time. You most definitely have a gift!”

Mother of Chloe

“Erin, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with Chloe last night!  When she woke this morning she was definitely feeling better.  She may not have realised it herself but I could see a difference.  She was actually singing this morning.  When we got to school she lined up at the front of the line and there were no tears or worries!!!!! Her teacher asked her for a hug and then she went in!!!!  Such a difference than it has been for a long time.”

12 years old

“Hello my name is Chloe and I am 12 years old. I met Erin about 3 years ago. I went to see her because I was struggling with a number of different worries.  Every time I have a session with Erin I feel very safe and can express my feelings. She is such a warm, gentle and understanding person. Erin is easy to talk to and most importantly nice! I always come away from her sessions feeling much better and happier within myself. Erin has helped me work through lots of problems and fears. I highly recommend her as person who can help work through lots of emotional issues.”

Mother of Luke

“Erin our Luke got so much out of his kinesiology session.  Firstly that night of the session we noticed at home he was very relaxed and pleasant and a big sense of calmness.  Also his teacher has noticed that he is very focused and more confident in answering questions.  Then tonight Luke had a speech session and without her knowing about the session with you she said ‘Luke has picked up on his comprehension and not needing assistance in his comprehension’.  So all positive at this end thanks to you Erin. We will be seeing you at least a couple of times before starting school in 2014, which will help him a lot!”

Mother of Stevie

”I brought my 18 month old daughter, Stevie, to see Erin after she had surgery to remove her front teeth. She was having great trouble sleeping, getting really distressed at bedtime and having night terrors. After a session with Erin she calmed considerably, as if a stress had been lifted from her, and started sleeping peacefully again. Stevie is now 2.5 years old and hasn’t had trouble with her sleeping since. Erin has a beautiful, calming energy that makes kids feel at ease. I have also taken our other little girl, Sunday, to see Erin and both the girls adore their sessions with her! I love my sessions with Erin as well. She helps to bring a clarity and calm to my world – which is a rare thing as a mother of two little ones!”

Mother of Immogen

“Erin, both girls slept incredibly well on Monday and Tuesday night, I did too! It must be the harmony in our home. Immogen, is a completely different child! She is trying lots of different foods – I’ve managed to get steak, eggs and the molasses into her! She’s taking the flower essence no problem too! She is polite, happy and smiling again and is very chatty – I’ve got my daughter back and I’m loving it!
Vitia is loving her new crystal and has been carrying it in her pockets at school. She’s bright and bubbly, so lovely to see.

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